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Patient Portal

We are pleased to announce this service which will allow you to exchange secure messaging with your physician and staff members, request medication renewals, request appointments, access your health record, along with viewing statements and paying on your account online.

All you need is an email address and a token number to get started. When you give us your email address, one of our staff will provide you with an 8 or 9 digit token number. Shortly after giving us your email address you will receive an email from us, open the email and click the link provided. You will then enter your token number and set up your patient portal account.
If you already have a token number click below to enroll:

VUC Patient Portal Enrollment
Questions/Trouble Shooting

If you have questions regarding your Patient Portal account, please see the Frequently Asked Questions or Click on this NextMD Patient Guide link to download the patient guide.
Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a fee to use NextMD? No. NextMD is a free service we provide to our patients.
How do I register on the NextMD website? Please refer to the NextMD Patient Portal information sheet which was given to you in our office, or follow the instructions in the email you received.
What if I forgot my password or username? Go to the NextMD website and click on Forgot you password? link. Follow prompts to reset your password and/or your username.
I have lost my token number, can you tell me what it is? Viewmont Urology staff cannot give you your original security token, they can submit a new one for you.
NextMD says my account is locked. How do I unlock my account? If you attempt and fail to login four times, NextMD will lock your account for 20 minutes. You can attempt to login after that time, or if you've forgotten your information, you can reset your password and username after that time.
Is NextMD (NextGen Patient Portal) email? No. NextMD uses a web portal (website) to send messages to your doctor and doctor's support staff directly to our electronic health record system. This allows staff to view your request alongside your electronic chart. Staff is able to see vital parts or your health record as they take care of your requests.
I have lost my token/my token is more than 30 days old and the website won't take it. What should I do? Viewmont Urology Clinic takes your privacy seriously and therefore they will expire after 30 days. Contact our office if you have lost or need a new token assigned to you.
How quickly can I expect a response to my message? Patients should allow at least two business days to receive a response to their message. However, it is common for our physicians and staff to reply more promptly.
My username or password is not working. What do I do? For the fastest solution, go to www.NextMD.com and click on the "don't remember your username or password" Enter your email address and your user name will be emailed to you. Please use this user name, including any capitalization, when entering your user name.
I have a new email address, how can I change it? Login to NextMD and click on the "My Account Tab". Go to "My Information" and then scroll down to email address, where you can make the change.
My doctor said he sent me a NextMD message, but I never received an email letting me know that a message was available. What should I do? The email notification was likely lost in your Spam filter. Search your Spam folder and correct the filter to prevent it from identifying these notifications as Spam. Even if the notification was lost, any message or documents that were sent via NextMD can be retrieved by logging into NextMD and reviewing your inbox.
If I update my demographic information on the NextMD website will my chart by updated in the office? No, at this time you will need to update demographic information in the office.
How do I view my records on NextMD? To view records, please contact our office to request records you wish to view. Once requested, your records will be submitted electronically to NextMD in the form of a PDF file.
Is my medical record secure? Yes. We take great care to ensure your health information is kept private and secure. Access to information is controlled through secure access codes, personal login identification and passwords.